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              Zonfa Electric (Tongling) Heart Precision Industry Co.,Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenyi Trinity Technology Co.,Ltd (abbre: Wenyi Technology, stock code: SH600520) . The company is a professional manufacturer focusing on the design and produce of high precision punch-press bearing housing and seal kits for belt conveyor roller, kinds of precision mould and inspection equipment , other kinds of precision metal punch-press products and plastic injection products.

       The company is the council unit of Chinese Belt Conveyor Association and the drafting unit of Chinese national industry standard Basic Data and Parameter of Bearing Housing for Belt Conveyor Roller.

       Owning 3 automatic punching lines and few automatic injection equipment, nowadays the company is the largest, strongest manufacturing base with best quality and fullest varieties of bearing housing and seal kits in China .

       The punch-press bearing housing and relative seal kits have the advantages of high precision, good polish effect, no stretching scars or burrs. which were exported to mor e than 40 nations and areas all over the world .With many items won state-owned patents and technology innovation awards, the company fully adopted the ISO 9001 international quality management system.

       We adheres to the philosophy of  “revitalize national industry, create value for global users”Based on scientific management system and refined work, our company sincerely wants to be the long-term, reliable partner of all the customers in the world.


      联系人:肖华  联系电话:0562-2627641    传真号码:0562-2627501    联系邮箱:xh@chinatrinity.com